Pet door accessories

A pet door isn't much different from a regular door or window, and even the best door can let some of the outside world come in as a pet enters or leaves the house.

The PlexiDor Awning is a stylish way to prevent rain, sun, snow, and wind from entering through a pet door. As a bonus, it also provides some shade.

The awning is made from aluminum with a baked-on finish in white or bronze. It's a one size fits all design, 23 1/4" wide by 16 5/8" deep.

Another popular accessory for the PlexiDor pet door is the new Sliding Track system that makes attaching the security plate a breeze. This is great for people who want to use the plate often.

The system comes with all hardware and mounts in minutes.

The tracks are attached to the interior frame, and the security plate slides down the track into place.

A flip lock ensures that the plate stays down where it's supposed to.

The tracks are made of strong, durable aluminum and comes in Silver, White, or Bronze. They are available for door sizes Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

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