Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November is Senior Cat Month

November is Senior Cat Month, intended to celebrate older cats, their wisdom, and the joy they bring to our lives. How old a cat can become - and when it becomes a senior - is highly individual, but many live to their late teens and even into their twenties.

Generally speaking, a 7-10 year old cat is considered middle-aged. An 11-14 year old cat is considered a senior, and one that is older than 15 years a geriatric. The oldest cat recorded in the Guinness Book of World  Records lived to be 28. We found a good brochure about caring for your older cat here.

Senior cats who end up in shelters are often the last to be adopted - many who come are wooed by kitten cuteness. However, kittens have a lot of energy and they require a lot of work, and if you're not ready to spend all your time training and entertaining a kitten, a senior cat will give you love and company while avoiding many problems.

If you adopt a cat - or any animal - from a shelter/rescue, please be aware that the personality you see in the shelter isn't necessarily who the pet will be in your home. Many are overwhelmed in shelters, get stressed or depressed, and coming home makes a world of difference. Building that trust and settling into the new environment can take some time, so be prepared to give your new best friend a few weeks to see who they will turn out to be.

Do you have a senior cat, or have you thought of adding one to your household? Do you have any tips to share about their care?

~ Maria Sadowski ~


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