Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Five cat behaviors you might not know

All cat lovers know cats have a body language and behavior far removed from both humans and dogs. Here are five things cats often do that you might have wondered about. And, if you wonder if your cat really loves you, the answer might be in the list below.

Why do cats want to eat when you pet them?

In the middle of a good snuggling session, many cats turn to the food bowl. To a human this behavior can seem a little rude, or seem to signal that snuggling is over, but to a cat it signifies affection. Many cats even enjoy being gently petted while they're eating.

Why do cats wink?

To a cat, meeting someone's eyes is rude and can signify a challenge. When you meet a cat you don't know, blink and look away. If you're petting your kitty and he or she gives you a slow wink, it means affection. This is a kitty kiss that means you're really appreciated.

Have you ever noticed how cats seem drawn to the persons who are allergic or doesn't want to interact with them? Usually, a person attempting to stay away from a cat avoids looking to it and doesn't talk to it, because this is appropriate body language between humans. A cat on the other hand, sees this behavior as inviting. The cat is more likely to go to the visitor trying to ignore it than to the person staring at it, trying to call for it.

Why does a cat wash a human's hair or face?

Kittens are born blind, and long before they're able to experience the world in other ways, their mother licks them. Grooming means love and caring. If your cat occasionally washes you, it means you're accepted and worthy of being cared for as a fellow feline.

Why do cats give "love-bites"?

Some cats, when they feel extremely affectionate and are very happy, may take a piece of human skin between their teeth and hold it. This is different from biting - the cat has no intention to lash out at you or hurt you. It's more like a feline equivalent of kissing.

Why do cats rub against humans?

Cats have scent glands on each side of the head, on their lips, chin, along the tail and at the base of the tail, between the front paws, and in some other places. These glands are used to mark territory. When a cat rubs against you, he or she is marking you as "taken."

Does your cat have an interesting or peculiar behavior? What is the strangest thing your cat does?

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Our kitty Sophie likes to eat or drink while getting brushed. Most of those behaviors go on all the time at our house.