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Dog breed spotlight: Barbet

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The Barbet is a medium-sized French water dog. It's an active breed that enjoys work and play, and Barbets often excel at sports. They're known for being affectionate and devoted to their owners, and many Barbet are "velcro-dogs" glued to their human's side.

Researches agree on the breed stretching back into antiquity, but there are two main theories to its history.

Some believe the Barbet descends from herding dogs originating in North Africa. They were allegedly brought to Europe with the Moors as they occupied the Iberian Peninsula during the 7th and 8th centuries. From there, they would have followed crusaders over the Pyrenees to France and central Europe.

Another theory states the Barbet originated in Asia and found its way to Europe over land. It's difficult to prove either theory, and the truth might very well be a mix of the two.

The first written reference to the breed has been found in a book from 1387, and the first attempt at categorizing the Barbet was made in 1570 with "De Canibus Britannicus."

These dogs are often described as joyful and goofy. They are intelligent and quick to learn, and as all intelligent breeds they need stimulation. Barbet are generally great with other pets as well as children, and they love to accompany their humans while hiking, swimming, and traveling.

According to the Barbet club of America, Barbet have hair and not fur, and don't shed in the same way as most other breeds. They need to be combed and trimmed.

Average weight ranges from 35 to 60 lbs.

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