Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Difference between a cat's senses and a human's

Cats and humans are clearly different, but have you ever wondered how different?


A cat sees differently than a human. Cats can see colors, but they are muted, and this allows the cat to focus on movement without distractions. Cats also have the ability to see in low-light conditions that would appear completely dark to a human.

Cats can't focus on anything close to their face, and they use their whiskers for feeling out objects nearby.


The difference between cats and humans are bigger than the obvious four legs instead of two. Cats have a unique skeletal structure and a posture that allows them to sneak silently as well as absorb the shock of jumping or falling from heights. They can scale vertical walls, balance on the top of a door or a fence, and have a great ability to land on their feet. As if that wasn't enough, their back legs work like springs, propelling them forward or upward at great speed.


Some humans can wiggle their ears a little. A cat can rotate their ears independently and zoom in on interesting noises. They also hear a wider range of sounds than we do - a human with normal hearing can detect 9 octaves. A cat can detect 11, and this is even more than a dog. These perfect hunters also have a large number of neurons between the ear and the brain, allowing them to decipher all this aural information quickly.


A dog's sense of smell is thousands of times better than a human's. The cat doesn't quite reach that, but they still have a sense of smell many, many times better than a human's. They can distinguish between thousands of scents, and they have a secondary organ above the roof of the mouth that helps detect odor.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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