Monday, September 28, 2015

Dog breed spotlight: Portuguese Podengo

The Portuguese Podengo is an ancient dog breed believed to stem from dogs brought to Portugal by Phoenician traders around 700 BC. The dogs are hardy, intelligent, fearless, loyal, and energetic.

The Portuguese Podengo has developed into three sizes: Pequeno, Medio, and Grande. Each size can be smooth or wire coated, and the different varieties are not interbred. They’re all referred to as the Portuguese Podengo.

Podengo Grande is the largest with a weight range of 44 to 66 lbs. They were originally developed for hunting deer and wild boar, and they are tough, hardy, and very observant. Nowadays this size is rare, even in Portugal. A Portuguese Podengo Grande needs a Large PlexiDor dog door.

Podengo Medio weighs between 35 and 44 lbs. They are great at chasing, but can also stalk like a cat, and have a funny way of jumping to see over things. They are very active and make great dogs for active families. A smaller Podengo Medio can use a Medium PlexiDor dog door, but large individuals might need a Large PlexiDor dog door.

The Podengo Pequeno is the most common in the USA. They are watchful, observant, and very active. Many owners say these dogs are silly and funny indoors. Most Podengo Pequenos will require a Medium PlexiDor dog door.

The Portuguese Podengo is a hardy breed that often lives into its late teens. They excel at agility and other sports, and love to have a job to do.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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