Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Three of the most common cat care mistakes

Regardless of type of pet, pet owners love them and want the best for them. The problem can be figuring out what is the best; even common types of pets such as cats and dogs are quite different from humans. Here are three common cat care mistakes that can be harmful for your kitty, or damage your relationship:

Punishing or frightening your cat

Cats may seem aloof and uncaring, but they're really quite sensitive. Yelling at a cat, scaring the cat, or hitting the cat will not change its behavior. The only thing punishing a cat accomplishes is making it believe you're a horrible creature that should be avoided. Also remember that a scared cat is a stressed cat, and in the long run stress can lead to illness.

Use praise and treats to shape your cat's behavior. Cats like predictable and calm environments where they can relax and be happy while enjoying their predictable and calm humans.

Using products not made for cats

Cats should not be submitted to products made for dogs, humans, or horses. Cats have a different metabolism than humans, dogs, and horses, they have specific needs, and they are sensitive to many substances that wouldn't harm a human. Read labels carefully, and remember that products created for adult cats may not be safe for kittens.

Common mistakes include giving cats aspirin or tylenol, or using flea control products made for dogs. Also be aware that many plants and flowers are toxic to cats, and if your cat shows interest in them, you need to provide some safe cat grass.

Overfeeding your cat

Overfeeding leads to a wide variety of problems ranging from diabetes to arthritis. If your cat is overweight, make sure that you measure the cat food, only feed cat food, and say no to begging. Keeping a pet's weight in check is the easiest way to add years to their life span.

When talking about cats and food it is important to understand that cats have the metabolism of a true predator. This means they're unable to create many nutrients humans or dogs can make in our bodies. Cats have to get these nutrients through eating meat. Dogs can eat cat food, but cats should not eat dog food. Cats are physically unable to survive and thrive on a diet low in meat.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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