Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pets are good for humans' health

Pets are great company and become a part of the family, but our animal friends have even more benefits. Here is a list with five important bonuses for human health.

Pets make us move more

The average dog owner moves more than the average person without a dog. Daily walks or other forms of exercising with a dog helps us stay in shape and staves off a number of health problems.

Pets reduce stress

Pets know when we need them, and they're always there for us. If anyone doubts the benefit, consider the large number of therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. Pets even help people cope with severe problems such as post traumatic stress disorder. Pet owners are known to adapt better to stressful situations than people without pets.

Pets give strong and healthy hearts

Cats, dogs, and other pets help improve heart health. The American Heart Association reports that pets help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. They also help lower cholesterol.

Pets protect against allergies

This might sound counter-intuitive since many people are allergic to cats and dogs. However, children being exposed to pet dander early in life develop a protection against future allergies. A child under the age of one who is exposed to two or more cats or dogs has a significantly less risk of developing allergies as they grow up.

Pets help us make friends

Walking with a dog leads to more conversations with other people, which in turn battles loneliness and isolation. Young adults with pets are more connected to their communities and relationships. Older persons with pets have more vivid social lives.

Besides being great company, what do you think is the biggest benefit of your pet?

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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