Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Water safety for dogs

Many dog life vests have a handle on the back, to
make it easy to lift the dog out of the water if needed.
Make sure you have the right size vest and still
keep an eye on your dog.
Many dogs love water and most dogs can swim. Dogs will paddle when they are in water, but as a dog owner you need to know that not all dogs are built for swimming.

Bulldogs are probably the worst swimmers. Some can paddle around a little and keep their heads over the surface, but many just sink. Many Bulldog breeders and rescues require ponds and pools to have fences and emergency monitors that alert if the dog falls in.

Other breeds bad at swimming includes everyone with a heavy, large chest and a short muzzle. Even if they can keep afloat for a few minutes it takes a lot of energy and they're not likely to keep their head over water for a long time. There are life-vests for dogs that can help them float and let them splash around in shallow water with supervision.

Don't try to force your dog to swim if he or she can't do it or doesn't like water. Some breeds are created for water and swimming and even have webbed feet. That doesn't mean every individual will love doing it.

It is wise to keep an eye on your dog even if he or she likes swimming and is good at it. Particularly puppies and older dog can overestimate their energy and end up in a bad situation where they can't get back to land or can't get up in the pool.

Drowning is a silent death both for humans and dogs. It doesn't necessarily make a lot of noise or a lot of splashing; suddenly the victim just isn't there. Enjoy summer, and keep an eye on your pets and kids both around the lakes, the ocean, and the pool.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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