Friday, June 5, 2015

Teach your pet to use a pet door

If you're planning to get a pet door for your furry friends and they've never had one before, you need to know how to train them to use it. Most pets take to their dog door or cat door quickly. Pets love to go in and out, and will enjoy being able to move at will.

That said, some pets are intimidated by pet doors at first, but with a little patience your cat, dog, or even mini pig will learn to use the door. Most pets learn in between five seconds and five days.

The PlexiDor is different from traditional cat flaps and dog doors in many ways. The most important difference from the pet's point of view is that your cat or dog can see through the panel. Many cats and dogs like to lie just inside the door and peek out at what's happening outside. Being able to see through also makes it easier for many pets to learn to use the door - they can see the outside, and they want to get there.

If the pet doesn’t take to the door, try propping one of the panels open and tempting the pet with a treat. If the pet is still reluctant, start with propping both panels up.

Never force your cat or dog through the door, and give praise once they do come through. Be patient - they'll get it.

For the electronic door, it usually works well to put a treat on the bottom lip of the pet door. The dog or cat approaches to get the treat, and the collar key triggers the door to open. It doesn’t take long for the pets to figure out that the door will open when they come close to it.

 ~ Maria Sadowski ~

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