Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dog breed spotlight: Basenji

The Basenji comes from Africa and has roots amongst the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. This elegant hunting dog is sometimes called "The Barkless Dog" because they tend to yodel when excited instead of barking.

Basenjis are independent dogs that think and make decisions on their own. They are very intelligent but can be difficult to train, because they might not see the point in whatever they're asked to do.

Besides yodeling they have some other habits that separate them from most dogs: they don't like rain and wet weather, and they tend to clean themselves like a cat would. They also love to climb.

When it comes to temper, the average Basenji is clever, alert, energetic, and curious. They tend to become emotionally attached to one person. They accept other family members and are generally loving and patient with children, but there’s one person that is “theirs.”

~ Maria Sadowski ~


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