Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In the news: dog owner punches bear to save dog

Image from washingtonpost.com
Wildlife and humans don't always go together. Wildlife and domesticated animals don't always go together. And when 73 year old Carl Moore found a black bear trying to slip under a gate to get access to the porch with Moore's beloved Chihuahua Lacy, they definitely didn't go together.

These stories often end badly, with a dead dog, a shot bear, or an injured human. This particular story is different.

Carl Moore punched the bear in the face, and the bear chose to run instead of take the fight. Might be hard to believe, but there are witnesses to the incident, and seeing how he holds Lacy in the video, it's probably true. His friends say he's a former First Recon Marine, and he has worked as a bouncer, so he has probably seen his share. Odds are, this is still his first fight with a bear.

If the bear returns, Moore has promised to call the authorities instead of punching first.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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