Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hero dog receives medal for his efforts

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June 2014 was not a good month for Joseph Phillips-Garcia. The 16 year old went out on a trip with his aunt, cousin, a friend, and his dog Sako to fish and enjoy Canadian nature. On the way back their car dropped down a steep hill more than a 100 yards into the forest. 

The tragedy killed everyone except Sako, a King-Shepherd who has been with the family since he was a puppy, and Phillips-Garcia. Without the dog things would have been even worse.

The teen was in bad shape with broken bones, and Sako kept him warm through the night.

Then, the dog helped him drag himself to a creek to get water - and fought off a pack of coyotes. Faithful Sako stayed with his human until a search team found them forty hours later, and without him, Phillips-Garcia would hardly be alive today.

Sako's faithfulness and heroism was recently awarded by a medal, and he has been inducted in the Hall of Fame.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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