Friday, May 22, 2015

Dogs have a teenage phase too

Anyone who remembers their teens will know that being a teenager isn't always easy. Did you know dogs have a teenage phase too? This is the period in a dog's life when it is most likely to be surrendered to a shelter; it has grown out of the super-cute puppy stage and looks like an adult, but it's not able to act like an adult.

The teenage stage usually happens somewhere between nine and eighteen months of age, depending on the breed. Some breeds have an even longer adolescence. Families unprepared for a teenage dog often give up - the dog is super curious and super energetic, prone to digging, chewing, running away, jumping, and challenging authority.

Provide plenty of exercise and something to do, and if your dog has destructive tendencies, consider crate training him or her so you can look away without having to worry. Keep training your dog, and remember that an adolescent dog is likely to have a short attention span. That means, make sure training is fun.

Games involving thinking wear dogs out more efficiently than physical exercise. And remember, this is a phase, and your dog will grow out of it.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. We know this well with Bailie. She seems to be stuck in her teenager phase. It is quite amusing, but it also tries our patience quite a bit!

    1. Oh I bet. Sometimes things just... explode, lol! She'll grow out of it eventually. :)