Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Children are more likely to confide in pets than in humans

Children are more likely to confide in their
pets than in any person. This relation is true
between all children and pets, but particularly
between girls and dogs.
Pet lovers will probably agree that pets can play an important role in the lives of children. There are many positive aspects to having pets, such as learning responsibility, learning to respect others, company, protection against allergies, and much more. While we may know instinctively that pets are good for children, there are few studies showing how good.

Matt Cassels at Cambridge University just finished research based on a ten year study of 100 families in the United Kingdom, and his research has a unique angle: he has looked at the connection between pets and young people's emotions.

According to Cassels, we underestimate the importance of pets in young person's lives. Children who face any form of emotional difficulty are likely to confide in their pet and turn to the pet for support. They rely more on the pet than on their siblings, friends, or any other person. This relationship is valid for all children and pets, but even more so between girls and dogs.

The study also shows that children in the USA are more likely to live with a pet than with their natural father. About two thirds of children live with their dad, but four fifths have a pet.

Learn more about this study on BBC's website.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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