Thursday, April 16, 2015

Five things you might not know about cats

Cats have been mankind's companions for thousands of years, and according to the ASPCA there might be as many as 96 million owned cats in the USA. There are cats everywhere, from leisurely caf├ęs to rugged alley cats. 

Here are five fun cat facts you might not already know:

1. Cats can see quite well at one-sixth of the light level required by a human. That means that we can go out in a night that seems pitch black to us, and they will still see just fine. They can also see other types of light than we do, such as the ultraviolet spectrum.

2. Cats have great hearing, and can hear sounds at an higher pitch than both humans and dogs. The cat's hearing is considered amongst the best of all mammals.

3. Cats don't have as good a sense of smell as a dog, but it's still several times that of a human. Some sources say fourteen times.

4. A cat's whiskers help with navigation. The upper rows of whiskers can be moved independently from the lower rows, and they all the whiskers have numerous nerve endings at the base. These hairs provide the cat with detailed information about nearby objects and air movements. The whiskers can actually let a cat know where something is without it being able to see the object.

5. If cats accidentally make eye contact, they blink and narrow their eyes. If you're trying to make friends with a cat it can help to blink and look away when you catch their eyes.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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