Monday, March 30, 2015

Walk in the park day

Today is "Talk a Walk in the Park Day" - a great opportunity to get a little exercise and relax. Walking is a good remedy for stress, calming, therapeutic, and helps keep the body going. To make it even better, bring your furry friend along!

There are many reasons to take your dog for a walk. It keeps both of you fit, improves your bond, stops the dog from getting bored, and it provides a great opportunity for training.

Your dog wants to know the world, and he or she is dependent on you to take them out to explore. It's also a great idea to vary the places where you walk, to provide new experiences. Investigating smells, sights, and sounds provides great mental stimulation.

Benefits of walking

Amongst the benefits of walking are:

  • Walking helps keep your dog healthy
  • It helps with weight control
  • Assists the digestive system
  • Walking keeps your pet from being bored, which in turn can reduce destructive behaviors
  • Alleviates excess energy and calms down hyperactivity 
  • Gives a good opportunity to spend time together 
  • Promotes your bond and builds trust

Do you take your dog for daily walks? Why, or why not?

~ Maria Sadowski ~