Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dog world records

Norman - Image from Guinness World Records
There are quite a few dog world record holders, and some of the records are incredible. Like, fastest five meters on front paws - this record is held by Jiff, a Pomeranian, who runs the distance in 7.76 seconds.

Jiff also holds the record for fastest time on the hind paws. He runs ten meters in 6.56 seconds.

Norman the Scooter Dog is the fastest dog 30 meters on a scooter. He travels that distance in 20.77 seconds. Norman can do other fun things too, like ride a bicycle!

Jack the Black von Muehlrad holds the record in fastest time to retrieve a person from water. The record isn't just about pulling a person up on land - there is a 25 meter distance involved. Jack the Black did it in just under 1.37 minutes.

Another interesting record is "Most treats balanced on a dog's nose." This record is achieved by Monkey, who balanced 26 dog treats at once.

All dogs are remarkable in their own way. Does your dog do something weird or funny?

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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