Friday, March 13, 2015

Cats like music - just not our music

Does your pet seem less than impressed with music? Many dogs and cats hide from music, ignore it completely, or howl along with it, and it's not just a matter of volume. Turns out that at least cats like music; just not human music.

A recent study has attempted to make music that fits how cats communicate, so the sounds will have meaning to them.

Musician David Teie composed three songs targeted at cat: Cozmo's Air, Rusty's Ballad, and Spook's Ditty. These compositions were tested on 47 different cat along with Bach's Air on a G string and Gabriel Fauré's Elegie.

The music intended for cats gain interest amongst the participating felines, while they didn't care about the human music. Younger and older cats were more interested in music than middle age cats.

The video shows some of the cats listening to tracks. Play it for your kitties and let us know if they react!


~ Maria Sadowski ~

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