Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Common hazards for cats

Many everyday things that look like fun for cats can be dangerous for our feline friends. Here is a list with some things to watch for.

There are many adorable pictures of cats playing with string. String, thread, yarn, ribbons, and rubber bands can cause life-threatening issues if swallowed. 

Wires are as tempting to many cats as string and yarn - and even more dangerous. Cats can shock themselves and burn themselves when chewing on and playing with wires.

Cats and milk are another myth. If you want to give your cat milk, get cat milk from the pet store. 

Many think cats will never fall out of windows, but they do. There's even a name for it: feline high-rise syndrome. If you have your windows open, make sure the screens are secure.

The washer and dryer don't look like fun for humans, but some cats like to hang out inside appliances. Take an extra look before starting them.

~ Maria Sadowski ~ 

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