Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter dangers: salt and other chemicals on the ground

Spreading salt on the road
If you live in a climate with snow and ice, there will be chemicals on sidewalks and driveways. Many places even distribute salt on the roads. The idea is to melt ice so feet and vehicles can get traction. While this is good for traffic, it can be bad for pets. 

Some products are relatively safe for pets, but don't count on everyone using the pet friendly version.

When your pet walk on roads and sidewalks treated with salt or other chemicals, their feet can get irritated, and the chemicals can get into small abrasions in the foot pads. Another danger is the pet licking their feet and ingesting the chemicals.

If your pet accepts wearing booties, this is a good solution for keeping snow, ice, and chemicals away from the feet.

If your pet won't wear booties, keep an eye on his or her feet while you're walking, and make sure to clean the paws as soon as you come home from a walk. It doesn't have to be difficult; just dip a rag in warm water and wipe them off.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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