Friday, January 23, 2015

Russian hero cat saves infant

Masha the cat, image from the New York Post.
There are many stories about hero dogs, but there are smart and caring cats too - something proven by Masha the cat who recently saved an abandoned infant from Russia's harsh and unforgiving winter.

The two month old baby was left in a box together with some supplies, and the cat discovered him long before any human residents did. She climbed into the box to keep him warm, and meowed to get  help.

Masha is a communal cat cared for by local residents, and she's known to be quiet and friendly. Her meowing eventually got attention from one of her humans who thought she must be injured.

The baby was rushed to a local hospital, and thanks to Masha he is unharmed. Without her, he might very well have died from the cold. Masha, well, she is hailed as a hero and is getting spoiled with her favorite foods.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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