Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dog powered scooter?

Image from dogpoweredscooter.com
Some dogs consider a day with a good walk, a nap, and watching TV with the family the epitome of living. Others feel that sitting still is overrated. Many working breeds have a lot of energy that can't be depleted just by running around in the yard or going for a jog.

As an example, a working herding dog can run 50 miles in a day, while solving problems and keeping track of the sheep. Trained sled dogs can run over 100 miles in a day. These dogs are trained to do it and get many little care breaks during the day, but even with rest that's a lot of exercise.

Most companion dogs aren't used to running like their working relatives - and don't technically need to run like their working relatives - but many still need more exercise than the average working pet-parent can reasonably give. A dog not getting enough exercise can become frustrated, bored, and even destructive.

Many solve the problem through going for a ride on a bike with the dog running to the side. It takes some training, but works great for some. Others tend to end up dragged along the side of the road at first sight of a squirrel.

Dog Powered Scooter is an attempt to solve the problem. Dogs who like to pull things and run can get exercise while the person steers and controls the brakes. The system is intended for young or middle age dogs with high energy levels, and for blind dogs that normally can't just run. The dog needs to be 35 pounds or over.

See more about this product on the company's website: http://www.dogpoweredscooter.com and naturally use common sense.

Would you try a dog powered scooter with your dog? What do you think of the idea?

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. No. Mom is a runner and she tried having a friend ride a bike along side of her on a real long run for company. She said she felt like a dog running along side a bike and decided it was wrong. She runs with the dog only, but we understand a lot of people don't run. It is just too dangerous with a dog, bikes, speed, etc. and Mom being accident prone.

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