Monday, December 22, 2014

Most popular names for puppies

At the end of each year, sums up trends in the pet world. They've compiled lists of most popular names for puppies and kittens for many, many years, and the 2014 lists were released a couple of weeks ago.

The lists are usually pretty constant, but this year has seen some changes in names for male puppies. Max is still going strong as number one - that name has held the spot for nine years - but number two and three are new with Charlie and Rocky.

The top three for female puppies have remained the same for years. Number one is Bella, that has kept the position since 2006. Two and three are Daisy and Lucy.

Girl puppies         Boy puppies
1. Bella    Max
2. Daisy Charlie
3. Lucy Rocky
4. Sadie Buddy
5. Molly Cooper
6. Lola Duke
7. Sophie Bear
8. Zoey Zeus
9. Luna Bentley
10.         Chloe Toby

Are your dogs' names on the list?

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. I can tell I am getting to be an older dog as my name was on top of the list when I was young, but now it isn't even on the list!

    1. Emma is a beautiful name. I think these trends can change quickly too - it just takes one popular movie. This year, Elsa has swept in on the kitten name list and it wasn't anywhere near the top in 2013. :-)