Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Most popular names for kittens in 2014

If you've gotten a kitten this year, what did you name it? The website vetstreet.com sums up trends in the pet world each year, and compiles lists of the most popular names for kittens and puppies. Is your kitten on the top ten most popular when it comes to name?

This year saw some major changes in names for female kittens. Bella keeps the number one position, and the name has been the most popular since 2007, but Elsa has raced up to top five from not even being on the top 50 list in 2013.

Girl kittens         Boy kittens
1. Bella    Oliver
2. Luna Milo
3. Lucy Leo
4. Kitty Charlie
5. Elsa Max
6. Daisy Simba
7. Lily Tiger
8. Callie Smokey
9. Lilly Jack
10.         Gracie Kitty

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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