Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Five table scraps that are bad for your pets

In this season of holidays both humans and pets tend to eat more than we should. While it is okay to share some things with the furry friends, the following five can be deadly if consumed in large enough quantities.

Some people believe cats and dogs won't anything that's bad for them. This is simply not true - especially when it comes to dogs. Dogs are scavengers, and dogs will generally eat whatever comes their way. Especially if it's handed to them by a favorite human.

If you're having a New Year's party, ask your guests not to share food with your pets - or tell them what's okay to share and emphasize that it has to be in small quantities.

1. Onions are toxic to both cats and dogs. Apart from causing nausea and vomiting, onions damage red blood cells and can kill a pet. Many, many human foods contain onion as seasoning. Read the ingredients before you share.

2. Alcohol in all forms should be kept away from cats and dogs. Many like to let their pets taste some beer or similar, but this can be very dangerous. The liver and kidneys of a pet is not able to handle alcohol.

3. Raisins, grape, and chocolate are dangerous to pets. Raisins and grapes are often found in stuffing and bread, and can cause kidney failure. Chocolate is toxic to pets.

4. Cherries are found in many turkey glazes and desserts. The seeds of cherries, peaches, and similar fruits contain cyanide that can leak into the fruit. While the amounts aren't high enough to hurt a human, it can be enough to make a pet severely sick.

5. Caffeine is surprisingly tempting to pets, and both dogs and cats can be seen tasting a latte or some soda. A couple of laps generally doesn't contain enough caffeine to poison a pet, but coffee grounds, tea bags, or pills containing caffeine can poison pets and even kill cats and small dogs.

If you want to share some of your holiday food, stick to things you know are safe for pets, and keep the amounts small. It's also a great idea to invest in some dog or cat treats, and hand these out instead of human food.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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