Friday, October 24, 2014

Walking 35 dogs at a time?

Most of us have our hands full walking one or two dogs at a time. Imagine walking 35!

To be fair, this kind of dog walking isn't an everyday task even to Joseph Orsino, the world record holder for most dogs walked simultaneously, but he has done it, and has a spot in the Guinness book or world records to prove it.

The walk took place in Pittsburgh in 2011 and benefited the Lupus Foundation. Mr Orsino had 20 dogs in front of him and 15 smaller dogs behind him in a straight line, and they walked over 1 km like this.

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How many dogs have you walked at once? Do you use any special equipment besides the regular collar and leash?

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Totally nuts! Four is the max Mom has walked. Three can work, but one to two is the best.

    1. I used to take all four of ours at a time for short distances, but it's too many. I don't have the multitasking ability to handle more than one to two. =) A guy in my neighborhood walks eleven at a time and they all know exactly where to go and how to behave. Impressive, but not for us, lol