Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Volunteer with your dog

It feels good to do good, and volunteering with your dog has the added benefit of being together. Volunteering dogs of all breeds and sizes make a big difference for people and pets in their communities. 

If you would like to do something but don't know where to start, here are some ideas for volunteering with your dog.

Go on a charity walk

Many charity runs and walks allow dogs, and there are events of this type for all sorts of good causes. You get to show support, your dog gets a fun day, and you both get exercise. Just make sure when you sign up that dogs are allowed.

Donate pet blood

Many humans donate blood to blood banks to help those in need of a transfusion. Did you know there are veterinary blood banks too? Many pets need transfusions because of injuries or sickness, and most adult dogs can donate as long as they're in good health. If this is sounds like a good cause for you and your dog, talk to your veterinarian to see if your dog would be a good donor.

Foster a pet

Rescues and shelters all around the country need fosters for cats and dogs. They can only take in so many dogs and cats, and foster homes play an important part in saving as many as possible. You can foster whether you have a pet already or not. If you have a cat or dog, your pet can help a shelter pet become comfortable with being around other animals. To get started, contact a local shelter or rescue.

Sign up for therapy work

If your dog is well behaved and likes people, many sick and elderly people in hospitals and nursing homes love getting visits from a pet. Meeting a dog can help the healing process, build morale, and brighten someone's day. Many dogs and cats also help children to read. You can start by contacting a local hospital or senior citizen's home to get more information, or visit therapydogs.com.

Do you do some form of volunteer work with your pet? Tell us about it!

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. We wanted to sign up to give blood but they only took dogs over 40 lbs and Bailie and I are 38 :( Charity walks would be fun, but Mom doesn't like to raise money, she calls it guilting people into pledging money, so we don't do that either. We do donate food to shelters, though.

    1. Only two pounds away? So close. I like to donate food to shelters too. =)