Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween is close, keep candy out of reach!

Halloween is getting close, and this is truly a candy holiday. While we still have a couple of weeks to go until trick-or-treat time, many have stocked up on candy already, and this is a good time to talk about dogs and treats.

The bottom line is, pets should not eat human candy. According to Pet Poison Hotline, Halloween is their busiest time of the year when calls increase with twelve percent.

As one might suspect, many of the calls are about pets eating human candy, but large numbers of calls also address pets eating decorations. The four most common Halloween hazards are: chocolate, eating too much candy, raisins, and candy wrappers.

Of all the sweets we eat, chocolate is the most dangerous to pets. Dogs are attracted to the scent and taste, and chocolate must be kept out of reach. Baker's chocolate is the most dangerous - a 50 pound dog can become severely sick from eating just one ounce. Milk chocolate is less dangerous, because it contains less actual chocolate, and white chocolate is the least dangerous.

Amongst the other candies, it's worth knowing that Xylitol is very dangerous to pets. Xylitol is commonly found in sugar-free candy and chewing gum.

Raisins look healthy, and they are for people. When it comes to dogs, small amounts of raisins can cause kidney failure. Some dogs have a pretty good resistance to grapes and raisins, but others can ingest just a tiny amount and be poisoned. There's no way of knowing in advance, so don't gamble. Treat raisins as chocolate and keep them out of reach!

When we eat candy, we remove the wrappers. When a dog gets into the stash, he or she doesn't bother with such little details. Eating foil and cellophane can obstruct the bowel and cause a life-threatening condition that requires surgery. Keep candy out of reach, and get rid of all wrappers at once.

~ Maria Sadowski~


  1. The day after Halloween is like the day after the 4th of July, a problem for walking as there is stuff all over the streets and some dogs want to pick it all up.

    1. Yes! You know the Deidre's K9 dog - the white and black border collie? When he was a puppy I had to watch him like a hawk, because he'd try to eat any cigarette butts he found on the ground. I'd never had a dog so interested in stuff on the ground before, and not until then did I realize how much small stuff people drop everywhere.