Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cat determined to find owner

Cleo at the nursing home. Image from
From time to time there are stories about dogs or cats walking extreme distances to reach a place they used to live. British cat Cleo took the search for home one step further: when her owner moved into a nursing home and Cleo ended up with the neighbors, she was determined to find her human.

Mrs Nancy Cowen in Westcott, England, needed to move into a nursing home, and made plans for her beloved Cleo. The neighbors would care for the cat, and Mrs Cowen probably didn't think she'd see her Cleo again.

The cat did not agree with this. It only took a couple of weeks from Mrs Cowen moved into the facility until the staff noticed a friendly cat hanging around the building. The cat slept on the benches outside the facility and seemed very tame. They still assumed she was a stray begging for food.

After a couple of weeks, one of the carers picked up the cat and Mrs Cowen saw it. She said, "That looks like my cat."

Her Cleo had lost part of her tail in a traffic accident - and this cat missed a part of her tail too. Mrs Cowen's sister confirmed that this was Cleo, who somehow had managed to track down her human.

Since then, Cleo has been welcomed into the nursing home, and the staff promises to provide her with a loving home for as long as she needs it.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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