Friday, October 10, 2014

20 signs that show you're becoming a dog person

Dogs have a way of changing our lives, sometimes in ways no one could anticipate. 

For a while, it's pretty easy to balance one or more furry friends with a "normal" life, but as time passes, the standard for normal slides over a bit on the scale. Like, dog toys becomes the most interesting section in the store.

Here are 20 funny signs you might be turning into a dog person:

  1. Your home is littered with antlers, rawhide toys, squeaky toys, Kongs, stuffed animals, sticks, and ropes.
  2. You're getting used to sleeping on the very edge of the bed, and from time to time the dog almost pushes you down on the floor.
  3. Even if you wash your windows, the smudges reappear within minutes. You're considering giving in and just calling it nose art.
  4. When you walk around the neighborhood you know the names of all the dogs you meet - but you can't name one of your neighbors. 
  5. You bake things for your dog in the shape of bones or paws.
  6. Clothes, furniture, floors, and everything else are covered in hair - and it's okay.
  7. Your pockets, backpack, and purse all contain empty plastic bags. At least once in your life, you've pulled something out of your dog's butt that wouldn't come out on its own.
  8. You know the groomer's first name and might even have taken him or her out to coffee.
  9. Your dog has more expensive toys and a pricier bed than anyone else in the household.
  10. If someone mentions they have a dog, they're instantly attractive.
  11. If someone says they don't like dogs - or your dog doesn't like a person - you can't trust him or her.
  12. You love toll booth workers, drive throughs, and delivery men who acknowledge your dog and offer at treat.
  13. You're not too worried if the humans in a movie will survive, but might not even watch if there's a chance the dog will die.
  14. Seeing other dogs makes you squeal and want to run over to pet them.
  15. You think holidays with fireworks are awful.
  16. On your dog's birthday, you make a special cake, and you wrap Christmas presents for your pooch every year.
  17. On your birthday, you get dog related gifts like sweaters or mugs.
  18. Some words must always be spelled out, whether the dog is present or not. "I need to go O-U-T and W-A-L-K to the neighbors."
  19. If you have to leave for a conference or other reason, you miss your dog more than your family or friends.
  20. You avoid having people over, because the dogs get so dang excited and it's easier not to.
Bonus: You know nothing could ever be as special as your dog, and he or she knows all your secrets.

Are there some quirky things you do for your dogs? Did we miss anything on the list, or is there something you think is particularly crazy?

~ Maria Sadowski 


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. And if I have to go somewhere without them I get separation anxiety. The dogs are fine - me, not so much, LOL!

  2. Oh yeah, these are good and pretty much describe my mom!

    1. I think it's normal for a dog person. Just shows how big a part you guys play in our lives. =D

  3. Our wedding registry listed stuff for dogs, and still ten years later they were the best gifts.

    1. I love that! Thank you for coming over and sharing.