Friday, September 5, 2014

Why do cats paw at the water dish?

Cats have a strong instinct for survival. In the wild, they will look for a water source far away from where they eat, to make sure the water isn't contaminated by their dead prey. The also prefer moving water, because it's generally fresher and safer than standing water.

Knowing these facts can help solve a number of problems with house cats and water. For instance, if your cat drinks from everything but the water dish, consider moving the water away from the food bowl. Put it in the opposite corner of the room.

If the cat prefers to drink from the tap, a fountain, or even the toilet, odds are it wants moving water instead of the kind that has been sitting in the bowl all day. Cats who splash their water with their paws before drinking are likely attempting to solve the same problem. There are great recirculating water fountains for cats. If this isn't an option in your household, consider changing the water in the bowl more often - at least twice a day.

That said, some cats just like to play with water. They like the reflective surface and they way it splashes when they hit it.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Our cat Oliver is terrified of running water, but loves playing in the water bowl. He splashes his paws in it, and loves dunking his toys in water.

    1. That's so cute. That would be an awesome kitty-video, playing in the water bowl! =D

  2. Mom has contemplated getting one of those fountain bowls because our cat Sophie prefers fresh moving water and is always jumping in sinks and stuff to get fresh water.