Friday, September 19, 2014

Sunshine story: Brody the Border Collie

Image from Brody's Facebook page
The story of Brody the Border Collie is the kind of rags to riches story everyone loves, and it doesn't get any less fantastic by his way of pawing it forward. 

Once upon a time, Brody was shy, timid, infested with heart worms, and alone. He walked the streets of Palmetto, Florida, until he was picked up by Manatee County Animal Control. Luckily, Skyway Border Collie Rescue came to his aid. They treated and cured his heart worms, and put his photo up on Petfinder.

Brody was soon adopted, but he was still shy and skittish, and his new owner decided to teach him tricks to improve his confidence.

Today, Brody is a performer who paints and stars in commercials. He is a Champion Trick Dog - he knows over 200 tricks - paints for charity, and a number of other things. Besides an impressive resume, he has his own Facebook page, and a website with photos and information.

Being a Border Collie, Brody is energetic, likes
to work, and is always ready to help.
Image from Brody's Facebook page.
Naturally, he is handy around the house too. Check out these videos and see how he can help with the laundry, and help his mom out of bed on a cold morning.

If you are in Florida, there are opportunities to meet Brody in real life. He is a quite busy doggy and will be at:

  • October 4th, Pasco Pawfest at the Florida Estate Winery in Land O Lakes, benefiting - a pet food assistance program for low income seniors. Brody will draw the winning ticket for his donated paining "Purple Haze."
  • November 1st, Pasco Animal Welfare Society Fundraiser at the Florida Estate Winery. Brody will perform live, and one of his paintings will be auctioned.
  • November 8, Brody paints live for Broward County Animal Services. This is hosted by the Cesar Millan foundation with an appearance of Cesar. The foundation has made 150 limited prints of one of Brody's masterpieces, and they will auction out seats to watch Brody paint live.
  • November 15, Dogtoberfest to benefit the Suncoast Animal League at Highlander Park in Dunedin.
  • December 6, Brody will paint for and perform at the Pasco Animal Welfare Societies "Meet the Vets and Pets" event.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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