Monday, August 11, 2014

Rare Breed Monday: Lancashire Heeler

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The Lancashire Heeler - or Ormskirk Terrier - is a rare breed with less than 5,000 individuals worldwide. This is a versatile breed that often works as herder, ratter, gun dog, retriever, and assistance dog.

The breed's history is unknown, but many think it originated when the Welsh Corgi was bred with Manchester Terriers, resulting in a black and tan hard worker. An alternate theory suggest there might be some Dachshund in the Lancashire Heeler as well, and a third theory believes it might be an ancestor of the Welsh Corgi instead of the other way around.

While this breed is rare around the world, it has strongholds in England, Sweden, Holland, and Finland.

Lancashire Heelers have varied personalities - some are lazy and other extremely energetic. Most of them love to participate in all sorts of activities, and the average dog is friendly, alert, energetic, and pleasant. They make great companions and are normally friendly, but can be suspicious when someone enters their territory. Many mail carriers choose to stay out of the Lancashire Heeler's yard.

The dogs do well in apartments, but they are very active and require both exercise and something to dog. They're easy to groom with a short coat in summertime and somewhat plusher in winter.

This breed has a unique characteristic: when content, they draw their lips back and smile.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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