Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hero cat saves boy from bullies

Sarah, Ethan, and Smudge. Image
There are many stories of animals doing extraordinary things, and British kitty Smudge has joined their ranks. Smudge's human is five years old and was pushed around by bullies when Smudge jumped into action.

The incident occurred outside little Ethan's house where he played with his little brother when some older boys came by. Ethan ignored them and focused on his 2 year old brother. The lack of attention aggravated the bullies. One of the older boys pushed Ethan over.

Ethan's mom, Sarah, had been watching through the window, and she rushed out to help. Smudge was faster, and no one touches Smudge's boy. The cat jumped up on the bully's chest, caused him to stumble backwards, and the gang ran off crying.

Ever since, the cat sleeps by Ethan's door, watching over him.

Smudge has been nominated for the British National Cat of the Year award for his bravery.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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