Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Doggie Cinderella Story

Image from "On the Wings of Angels" Facebook page
Everyone loves a good from rags to riches story, and black lab Lady delivers. The arthritic, elderly dog ended up in a shelter in 2012 when her human died. She was adopted and happy as can be in her new home. That is, until they got another dog. 

According to today.com the family gave her to a friend in Kansas. Lady wasn't willing to stay; she wanted to go home. She has problems walking because of her arthritis, but still managed to limp 30 miles to go home to a family that didn't want her.

After that, neither family claimed her, and she was back in the shelter.

Many stories would end here, with a euthanized dog and angry comments on social media. Fortunately, Lady's story spread over the Internet and reached Helen Rich. Ms Rich is not only heiress to the Wrigley fortune; she is also deeply involved in rescue through the "On the Wings of Angels" initiative.

It didn't take long until Lady sat on a private jet, bringing her home to Ms Wrigley's farm and a large family of rescue dogs. Now she gets all the attention a dog could wish for.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Super sad tale with a great ending!

    1. Yes! I love the photo of them. Both Ms Rich and Lady seem so happy to have found each other.