Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrate International Cat Day!

Furry, feline, purring friends have cohabited with humans for thousands of years, maybe even longer than we've had dogs. Since 2002 they also have their own holiday - August 8th is International Cat Day.

At least 500 million cats are domesticated around the world, and in the USA there's around 100 million owned cats. This is good, because cats have all sorts of benefits for humans - besides being good companions and getting rid of rodents.

Cats teach children empathy, can lower the risk for developing allergies, lower blood pressure, prevent stroke and heart disease, lessen the risk for depression, and might even be able to prevent cancer.

Most cats love to play, so you might want to celebrate the day with bringing home a new mouse toy and tossing it around.

If you've been thinking of adopting a cat, today might be a great day. Head down to your local shelter and celebrate International Cat Day with giving one a home. Just remember to pick up some supplies too - before you get the cat. You'll need a collar, a carrier, litter box, kitty litter, bedding, toys, a scratching post, bowls, and food.

When you bring a new friend into your home, give them some time to acclimatize. Both cats and dogs need time to feel at home and get used to a change in environment.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


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