Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wally the Rat Terrier gets home-made wheelchair from store employees

Dogs might not be our whole world, but they sure make life worth living, and Wally is not an exception. Fox news reports that when Wally's vet told Rebecca Pierce her dog was paralyzed, she also felt crippled. The vet believes Wally has a herniated disc in his spine, leaving him unable to use his hind legs.

Wally himself was probably less upset over this than the humans were; he waddled forward through pulling himself forward with his front legs, dragging the back along. Pierce hoped the condition wouldn't be permanent, but needed a temporary solution to help her best friend.

Youtube provided videos of people making their own doggie wheelchairs, and Pierce decided to try. She brought Wally along to Home Depot to look for parts. While she might have expected getting help to find the parts she needed, she did not expect store employees spending hours on building the perfect wheelchair.

To make it even better, the store covered the costs, reasoning it was an easy fix for them that really helped Pierce and Wally.

Today, Wally speeds around in his new ride, and sees a chiropractor for treatments. He is regaining strength in his hind legs, and until he can walk on his own again, he has his own wheels.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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