Friday, July 25, 2014

Sunshine story: Dog turns homeless man's life around

John Dolan lived on the streets of London and didn't think his life would ever change. That is, until Staffordshire bull terrier George came into his life. A homeless woman traded a beer can for the dog and gave the puppy to John who started drawing George. It didn't take long until people passing on the street bought his sketches. 

Today, his drawings sell for almost $7,000. He is writing a book about George, and he is working on a set of sketches of rock stars with their dogs.

John and George are inseparable, and sell their drawings in a gallery in London. They also have a show coming up in Los Angeles.

While the couple are well able to afford lodging after their success, John still prefers to draw outside, and he wants to capture George's personality in everything he does.

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~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Dogs are perfect for humans on so many levels! Wonderful story!

    1. Yes! Dogs are awesome! I love stories like this; they really show the difference a furry friend can make. =D