Monday, July 7, 2014

Rare Breed Monday: Bull Terrier

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The Bull Terrier is an extremely popular dog in Spain, Australia, and its country of origin: Great Britain. The breed has never reached the same spread through the United States. These dogs are often described as clowns on four legs, or as a three-year old in a dog suit.

The breed comes from crosses between Bulldogs and various Terriers during the 1800s. The crosses gave dogs with the courage and determination of a Bulldog, and the agility and energy of a Terrier. During the 1800s, the demand for pets and show dogs increased, and James Hinks from Birmingham developed a refined version of the crosses. The Bull Terrier as we know it today has been in existence since around 1860.

An average Bull Terrier hates being alone. They were bred to be companions, and they become very attached to their owners and family. Their muscular appearance and shape of the head make many non-doglovers fear them, but the average Bull Terrier is exceedingly friendly.

They are fun-loving, playful, goofy, and sweet. If you like to play, this is a perfect breed. This is also one of the best breeds with children.

When it comes to care, Bull Terriers require exercise and do very well in active families. Their coat is glossy and short, and requires little grooming.

Like all dogs, the Bull Terrier needs training and socialization. They can be stubborn, but they learn easily, and do very well in obedience competitions, agility, and dog shows. Bull Terriers have little to no guard instinct, and they don't bark often. If you hear a Bull Terrier bark, pay attention; they generally don't do that without a good reason.

The most famous Bull Terrier in the USA is probably Bullseye, the official mascot of the Target Corporation.

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