Friday, July 18, 2014

New pet health monitor

Pet Pace looks like a collar, but is a health monitor that can keep track of a pet's vital signs, alert the owner, and even inform the vet if anything is wrong.

The collar collects information and sends it to a base unit, which is attached to the Internet. A database compares collar information with pet data against norms and information specific for the breed. All this comes together on a website, where the pet owner can see temperature, respiration, pulse rate, and more.

If any condition is developing, the collar will send an alert to the owner, and inform the veterinarian. The collar knows if the dog is eating, drinking, standing, sitting, or lying down - and can even tell if the pet is lying on the left or right side.

Pets are really good at hiding problems, and vets estimate up to 30 percent of pets suffer a serious medical condition without their owners being aware.

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~ Maria Sadowski ~