Friday, July 11, 2014

Dog breeds good with children

Bulldogs are generally great with kids.
Yesterday, we wrote about interactions between dogs and children, and making sure everyone stays safe. Dogs are individuals, just like people, but some breeds are known for being generally better with kids than others. Here are some of the top kid-friendly breeds. 

The Beagle is a sturdy breed, filled with energy and will to play. Beagles are known for being cheerful, smart, and friendly. They generally get along with everyone and everything. Though, they might think it's fun to chase other pets.

Bulldogs are docile, friendly, and loyal. They make calm friends who love to cuddle in front of the TV, or watch their human play video games. Most Bulldogs are great with children, and get along well with other dogs and other pets.

Bull Terriers aren't all that common in the USA, but they often top the lists of child friendly dogs. They were bred to be companions and combine the best features of Bulldogs and Terriers. They become very attached to their families, and are sturdy, patient, friendly, and loving. A Bull Terrier needs a fair amount of exercise and loves to play.

Golden Retrievers are loyal, patient, smart, confident, and kind. They have an even temper and are neither timid nor aggressive. They too require ample exercise, and most Golden Retrievers love to play ball.

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs in many countries, including the USA. They're often used as service dogs and police dogs, and their trustworthy nature makes them great with children. A typical Labrador is playful, loving, protective, and reliable.

Newfoundlands are the largest breed on the list. These gentle giants are sometimes called "Nature's Babysitters" and are known for being kind and patient. They become very protective towards children and might feel it's their duty to follow the kids everywhere.

Poodles are amongst the smartest breeds, often competing with Border Collies for the top position on intelligence lists. They are also gentle, good-natured, and patient, and make wonderful companions for children. To make it better, they come in three sizes and shed very little.

The Vizsla might not be a dog breed you hear of every day, but they are great dogs for active families with older children. A typical Vizsla is energetic, obedient, loyal, gentle, and smart. They form close bonds with the family and love to go for adventures.

Do you have experience with one of these breeds and children? Did we forget someone on the list?

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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