Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The dog did it; disappearing bling

There are many stories about magpies taking off with everything from wedding rings to shiny spoons.  Did you know that dogs might also have an affinity for stealing bling and shiny objects?

Some dogs aren't attracted to sparkly things at all, but others like to snatch up cell phones with sparkly covers, necklaces, or other objects and hide them. Many households with both children and pets probably blame the toddlers for the phone appearing under the sofa cushions or the house keys landing in the laundry pile, but it might be the dog.

There are many reasons why dogs do this. Some dogs might be bored, and the hide-and-seek game gives something to do. Others feel lonely, and having something stashed away that smells like their person provides comfort. Others yet might be stealing out of genetical reasons; in the past dogs would bury leftovers to protect their food, and return to eat the rest later.

One theory states that the dog might be seeking attention. Some dogs and young children covets attention to the point that they will take it anyway they can; even if it involves being scolded. If this is the case, the dog needs more interaction and play time. A puzzle toy can also help keep him or her occupied and happy.

Have you found something your dog hid? What was it?

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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