Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Florida dog falls down pipe and tumbles 14 stories

Image of Susie from the Sun Sentinel
Maltipoo Susie is a resident of Fort Lauderdale who recently suffered some really bad luck. She was visiting in an apartment building and fell through an uncovered vent, tumbling down 14 stories before she finally came to a stop on the second floor.

Poor Susie was stuck in the wall for three hours while Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue cut holes above and below the second floor to try to reach her. They eventually got close enough to get her out of the pipe before she could fall any further.

Susie escaped the adventure with a cut on her belly, and when this is written, she still rests at a local vet. She is expected to be okay, and we wish her a speedy recovery and better luck in the future.

~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Wow, glad she survived. What a terrible thing!

    1. What a scare, right! I've been imagining my doggie being inside the wall, not being able to get to her. I'm happy she's okay!