Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New blog for cat lovers

The website slimdoggy.com has been around for a while, writing about food, fitness, and fun. Now it has a sister site: slimkitty.com. Slimdoggy contains everything from fun to ratings of dog food, and the intention is that slimkitty will discuss the same subjects, but from a cat-related perspective. 

According to petobesityprevention.org almost 58 percent of cats in the US are overweight, and that is five percent more than overweight dogs. Looking at the obese group, there are ten percent more obese cats in the USA than there are obese dogs. Changing that statistic must begin with awareness amongst humans.

Cats and dogs are very different, and when it comes to weight loss in cats it is important to know that cats should not go on crash diets.

Cats have a unique metabolism and they do not respond well to fasting. If a cat's food intake is rapidly and significantly depressed, they can develop Hepatic Lipidosis, which is potentially fatal. Thus it is important to make sure that a cat eats something every day; any cat that hasn't eaten in three days is in trouble.

If you think your cat is chubby, check out slimkitty.com. There are also some great advice on how to handle overweight cats on petmd.com.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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