Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs!

Easter egg hunts are usually reserved for human children, but Animal Friends of Morgantown gave the event a fun twist last week. Local dog owners were invited to bring their pooches to search for hundreds of hidden eggs filled with dog treats and biscuits.

Most dogs love to work, and their sense of smell is beyond human comprehension, so looking for hidden treasures like this must be a highlight of the season.

Many dogs enjoy food-based games, and you can do it at home. Outside is extra fun, but if you don't have a yard, indoors also works. Just make sure the dog doesn't see you prepare the course.

Drop tiny pieces of a treat every few inches of your chosen route, and hide the big treat at the end. You might have to show your dog the starting point.

It's wise to start with a short track to keep the dog's attention, but as he or she gets used to the game the trail can be longer with more distance between the treat pieces.

It can also be fun to seek hidden treats. In this game, you "hide" pieces of a treat and let the dog find them. The first times he or she will need to see you hide to understand what's up. Use a "key-word" to start the game, and your dog will soon go searching for goodies every time you say it. It's a good idea to use the same number of hidden treats every time. Dogs have a sense of numbers and will soon figure out how many hidden treats there are.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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