Friday, March 7, 2014

Famous movie dogs - Marley

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Marley & Me is a film adaptation from a book by John Grogan about a high energy yellow labrador. At least 18 different dogs were used to bring Marley to life on the big screen. Most of them were rescued from shelters, but a few were hand selected from breeders to get a specific look.

The dogs still homeless when the filming was over were adopted by cast and crew members who fell in love with them on the set.

One of the actors come from a Hillsborough County shelter not too far from the PlexiDor factory. Rudy played Marley eating a birthday cake, ripping a snowman apart, swimming in a pool, and playing catch.

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Tampa Bay Times writes about Rudy, "Susan Woolley, a volunteer with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida Inc., learned he was about to be euthanized by Hillsborough County Animal Services. Rudy came with stitches and an injured leg. Woolley tried to find him a home. People kept bringing him back, maybe because he had so much energy. 'We kept him because nobody wanted him,' she said. Then, one day, Woolley got a call from a trainer looking for a rescued yellow Lab to play Marley in the movie."

One of the dogs who played Marley is now part of the Animal Actors exhibit at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where visitors can watch adopted animals perform movie-worthy tricks in front of a live audience.

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  1. We love that movie, just the ending is so sad. Having a lab cousin, we know what a menace these dogs can be. Glad they used so many homeless dogs, great idea.

    1. I haven't seen it, because people say the ending is so sad. I'd probably cry for an hour. Allegedly there's a PlexiDor in the movie, but I don't know since I haven't watched it, LOL. I love that they used so many rescue dogs. =D