Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Police detective adopts five deaf dogs

A Virginia Detective, Mac Adams, has been involved with rescuing deaf dogs since 2010 when he adopted his dog Pickles from the Richmond Animal Care and Control. Since then, he has gotten four more; Nea, Piglet, Opal, and Mortimer.

Detective Mac Adams with his five deaf dogs.
Photo from Facebook
Adams says there are 56 breeds of dogs prone to deafness. The puppies are born deaf and don't know they're supposed to hear, but it can be an obstacle in first figuring out a means of communication. Once the connection is made he thinks they pay a lot more attention to their person than hearing dogs, and might even be easier to train because they're not distracted by sounds around them.

Four of the deaf dogs in the Adams' household are Pitbulls, and he works on educating people about the breed. He says they are a great breed, generally gentle, calm, and good natured, but used for nefarious purposes by a small potion of the population.

Read more about Mac Adams and his dogs in this article on dogheirs.com.

~ Maria Sadowski ~

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