Friday, February 28, 2014

Famous movie dogs - Beethoven

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Beethoven is a lovable St Bernard featured in a number of movies. The actor portraying him in the first and second movie was a dog named Chris, trained by Karl Lewis Miller who also worked with animals for films such as Babe and Cujo.

Chris passed away after the second movie, and the character has been played by a number of other dogs. The movie, "Beethoven's Big Break" required three different dogs. Benz performed tricks, Dolly took care of scenes with puppies, and Boomer had a talent for drooling.

St Bernards are giant dogs with an average weight of between 140 and 264 lbs, and they're known for being working dogs from the Swiss Alps. The most famous St Bernard was Barry who allegedly saved around 100 people lost in the snow.

The original St Bernards look different from the breed today. They were nearly extinct in the early 19th century and were cross-bred with Newfoundlands gaining the long coat they have today.

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  1. Mom loves those big furry ones like St. Bernards and Newfs, but they are just too big to run and stuff that Mom needs a dog to do. She can pass on the drool part too :)

    1. I would love to have a huge dog, but I'm not equipped for it. Maybe some day. I'll pass on the drool too, though. lol!

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