Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dogs are sensitive to emotion in human voices

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Most dog owners assume Fido knows what we mean when we use a certain type of voice. Non dog owners might think it's silly, but now it is scientifically proven. Dogs might not be able to discuss with us - yet - but they understand emotion in human voices.

A group of Hungarian scientists have trained 11 dogs to stay motionless in a MRI brain scanner making it possible to run the same neuroimaging experiments on dogs and humans. Then, they captured and compared dogs' and humans' brain activity while listening to 200 dog and human sounds ranging from crying to laughing.

Dog brains have voice-sensitive regions that resemble those of humans, and the group noted striking similarities in the ways the dog and human brains process emotionally loaded sounds.

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~ Maria Sadowski ~


  1. Pawsome study! Mom knows that I "read" can her emotions :) I am very observant about such things.

    1. Hi Pepper, it's great to see you!

      I'm sure my doggies can tell if I'm happy, sad, irritated, whatever, but it's great to have it proven by science. =D

  2. after I have read this post over, you know what I am thinking about, I think that I will raise a dog, because they understand emotion in human voices. I am a little introvert, sometimes, when I want to talk some bother things to someone, I think that they do not really understand what I am really talking about, some one will laugh at you, think that you are very silly, so terrible about this, so I love dog too, wish you next post. dental laboratory equipment suppliers

    1. I think that dogs really are our best friends. Like you say, they don't laugh at your or think you're silly, they just listen, and they're there for you. =)